Recommendation Score 50%
Autopilot Score 80%

Webisida –is another very great platform for automation. In another words to earn money passively.  It is Russian platform and to be honest that’s where the problems is going to start. Because this platform is so enchant and Russian and did not had a lot of upgrades it is only accepting money payments to kiwy wallet and for us whom are from UK, EU or US it means no PayPal. So if you want to go this route you need to be prepared to go long and difficult way to get kiwy wallet or just leave this Idea.

For those whom will decide to go the long rote it is a good platform. It takes some hustle to automate it but it works and works very well. In my automation simulations with MS Hyper-V lab it was working just fine. But because I treated it as an experiment to make this article I didn’t go throe all the hustle of creating kiwi wallet. But from all the forums and YouTube channels dedicated to this topic I come to the conclusion that the system is old but reliable and always pay.

Thank you all for spending your time. And see you next time.