User Testing

Recommendation score 100% is an incredible way to earn extra money. Easy to use, tested an reliable source. It’s not passive income but it compensates by paying very well. And also It is one of my most recommended sources to earn money online.

This web page is offering you to do UI (User interface) and usability tests. It might be websites, apps or something else. You don’t need to have any IT skills or know coding. All this website is asking is your honest opinion and follow the questionnaire.

All you have to do is register do the demo test witch will show you how to do the test it self and will be checked by User testing admins after. It is very easy to do and support team is amazing. If something goes wrong you always will be guided by them.

I am using this source by my self and never had any issues with it. An I can say by my own experience is one of the best paid website on internet. to be short and clear 10 minutes of your time equals to 10$. Where you can get better?! – But don’t resign from your work because User testing will not change your full time income. And the catch here is you must qualify to the tests and you must follow the questionnaires. also you have to talk loud, polite and remember to say your opinion. Reason behind is that User testing is looking specific testers for specific tasks so it is normal not to qualify for all the tests. Also I need to say that most valuable tests In my opinion is Life tests. They are longer (approximately from 30 min to 1 hour) but can be paid from 30$ to 30$ depending on length of the test.

i know it is difficult to believe its true, but to prove that I put some pictures from my dashboard and PayPal account.