Recommendation Score 50%
Autopilot Score 100%

PacketStream is 100% autopilot application and can be run beside to HoneyGain. It is a very interesting application, service or whatever you would like to call it. I m using this service for a few weeks now and have another service to compare with. And I will be honest I feel mixed feeling to this application. On one hand, this application is 100% autopilot, plug and play system, and on another hand is far from the stabile application.

I’m still testing this application because I haven’t reached minimal cashout, which by the way is 5$ and they have 3% fee on cash out. If compare it to HoneyGain this application is very and very slow. And after all, this said, – 5$ – 3% fee looks not promising to me.

I can’t say they pay bad rate $0.10/1GB exactly same as Honeygain. But at the same time, it is very unstable. If Honeygain you know you are earning Because of Content Delivery on PacketStream you might earn 0$ a day because there will be no traffic. But your computer will use electricity and resources to run it.

So, if it’s slow and takes 3% fee it will take forever to earn something deaccent. And if on one IP with HoneyGain you can use 3 devices with PacketStream you can use only one.

Overall I’m not impressed at all but still, recommend if you use other services beside it and your PC is on anyway. Otherwise, it doesn’t worth to use it. I need to mention that PacketStream has referral system available ( They claim that they will pay you 20% in points they earn (whatever it means…)

I will be updating this topic in the future when I will reach at least a minimum amount of money to cash out.

If anyone knows any useable information about how to make it work better please let me know via email. Thank you all for your time. I hope this topic was useful for you guys. I will be glad to see you at the next one.