Recommendation Score 100%
Autopilot Score 100%

Probably my number one recommendation for fully autopilot passive income. This is one of does rear times when the software is plug and play concept. All you need to do is download install and enjoy your passive money. I have tried this app for longer than a month now. And Have something to say about it.

It’s definitely a very strange app. The first red flag comes when google and Apple have banned application from their app stores. Second, it’s how they explain what for are they using your connection. On their official web page, they say that all data is used for Scientist needs and doesn’t say what exactly it means or what organizations are HoneyGain working with, and that’s is a second red flag.

The third red flag come when it was time to get paid. It’s all good I was paid you don’t need to be concerned. But the way they have paid me was very unusual and very strange. First, they use a third-party service to do it ( After all the procedure which took me some time and I’m talking about a bit less than a week in total, I get paid in my PayPal account. All would be okay if not one little BUT… – I was paid not by a HoneyGain but by a random person (I will not disclosure name because of data protection). And that was a fourth red flag for me. By the way fee applies on cashout.

So how does it work? – very simple. All you need is a referral link ( to register. The reason I say referral link because it will give you 5$ in advantage. Then you download your HoneyGain app. I would strongly recommend to do it on a windows machine and explain why in a minute. Install it and forget it till you need to cash out.

Honey gain has some special rules to use their app. First and most important is They use Only residential IP’s. It means you can’t use Datacenter IP’s only ISP. The second rule is you can use only 3 devices on one IP. It might be 3 PCs or 3 smartphones. And here I will explain why its important to use Windows machine instead of Android or IOS device.

HoneyGain allows you to earn money in three ways:

  1. By using your data100mb = 10 credits = 0.01ct
  2. By CD (Content delivery) – 1h = 6 credits = 0.006ct
  3. By referral system. Where you get 10% of what referral’s earn. And great about this is that they will not suffer from that. What I mean you don’t take their money.

So here I need to explain that Content Delivery works only on windows. So that means that if you use 3 devices on your home device and it’s not Windows you lose money. Here you will ask me a reasonable question what if I have one pc? The answer will be very simple, – virtualization. Again, you can say its cheating. And I will disagree with you. A virtual machine is the same real machine as it would be in a separate box. It has its own operating system it’s own dedicated memory and CPU and etc. So if you do 2 virtual machines you do not break the second HoneyGain rule.

For this purpose, you can use VirtualBox, VMware or if you use Windows 10 I recommend to use Hiper-v, its native Windows application and obviously with correct settings it will be much faster and lighter for your host machine (Your main machine you run VM’s on).

For all who is interested in how to run virtual machines, I will do a complete guide “how to”.

In the end, I want to say that I can’t say how malicious or not this app is, but I can’t tell you now, – you will not find any other better autopilot money earning service today. If I’m wrong please do not hesitate and send me an email. I will be very thankful to be able to test it and give my honest feedback and review.

Thank you all for your time. I hope you found something useful in this review.