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Good day everyone and thank you for spending your time in to reading article. I have put a lot of work in all of them.

Let’s talk about platform Ebesucher. I can talk and talk about how I tried to make it work, be automated and etcetera, but I will be honest and straight – it is a complete time waist. I tried to make it work threw at least one payment but I gave up it was to time and energy consuming. I was using “auto-clikers” of all kind and other automation software but it was crashing and stopping working. Problem is, it has some kind of software that checks after time if you are human and is asking you to fil in a captcha to make shore you are a real person. I have seen guys on multiple forums that system is paying money, but problem was the same and no solution to it. Another problem I have faced that one IP can do only one account so you can’t multiply it on your home network. And if you think to be smart and use a datacentre IP’s it will not work. It will understand that IP is from data centre and will block it and most important you will lose everything you have already earned. My final word is don’t do it, don’t waste your time and energy on it.

Thank you all for your precious time, and I will see you in next my articles.